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Posted by Madbot on Mar 30, 2008 in Project Ideas

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Since I’ve had several fun projects ideas in the past that never took off, figured I’d put them here for storage of these ideas rather than letting them lose in lost emails. Here’s an email to Phil and Simon back in May 30, 2006 before life got busy and all got lost..

Initial document on Project Theressa – Project Theressa

Okay, here’s an idea. Give your feedback.

Background: Some 5 years ago Phil and I ran a little project/experiment
before on Theressa (not sure if you remember her, Simon. She came out
drinking with us at North Sydney once) on how to improve her
life/personality/skills, etc. Essentially we set a number of tasks and
deliverables and we offer to pay her if those deliverables were met, with

We tried to keep the cost to a minimum and hoped to make some small money if
there is opportunity. We publish all the stuff on a web site via Geocities
but lost all the content years later as the site was deleted due to

The project had several challenges because:

1. Project:
– Theressa is almost impossible to motivate to do things consistently or anything at all.

2. Housekeeping / Technology:
– It was not easy to constantly publish and updating content for free. There is now a lot more choices – free blog sites, myspace, Yahoo 360 groups, etc.
– There was very little concent of free online storage for multimedia or file storage. There is now a lot more choices – google videos, youtube, etc.

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