Why the Lion natural scrolling feels ‘unnatural’ – for now

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I was apparently one of the 1 million people who downloaded and installed OSX Lion on launch day. This was, in fact, the only OS I installed on launch day other than OS/2 2.0 back in the day.

After the 10 minutes of download and the 30 odd minutes of installation, I was baffled by the natural scrolling of windows on the touchpad.

Don’t get me wrong – I get it. In fact, I previously pondered about why Apple didn’t reverse it to match the iPad and iPhones scroll direction. After using Lion for an hour running different apps including Parallel to make sure Win7 still works good – it finally clicked.

That’s the key, you see? I still use Windows. For work and private, I am still attached Windows. For work, we are a windows shop. Too many things we rely on at work are Windows only. For home? Yes, I use OSX for browsing and the odd music, but for emails and for serious stuff from home, I still run back to Windows via Parallels. Live Mail remains the only emailer that can access all my gmail and, most importantly, Hotmail. My password holder is in Windows (yes, there is a Mac version but I have to buy again). Office, visual studios, and even some games, are Windows only.

What’s the problem, you say. Lion runs Parallels just fine and bootcamp is still there. But ya see – Windows still scrolls the old fashion way. I have no problems scrolling on iPad and iPod where content is ‘touched’ directly. But in OSX and Windows, we touch the trackpad not the screen. We use mouse and its scroll wheel to scroll. I may get used to the natural way in OSX but it’s reversed as soon as I teleport back into Windows. Bam! Brain gets unwired. With more time spent in Windows than OSX, it just isn’t ‘natural’.

No doubt Lion paves the way for more touch devices for Apple. iPad running OSX in the future, MacBooks running touch screens and so on and it will all make sense then. But until I can move away from Windows, it’s back to the inverted scrolling for me.

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Birthday present

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After all these years, finally gave in and bought a MacBook pro. Yup it’s pretty. And yup, bootcamp + parallels + Win7 is awesome. The extra 4gb RAM, now 8gb total, makes the whole thing run smoothly.

No idea how some of these Japanese online stores do it but they were having some serious bargains. Almost 20% of the list price. Apple shop discount doesn’t even come close. Made me a happy birthday boy though. 🙂

Bit too large and heavy to take on trips and it’s probably just as well. Wouldn’t want to spend too much time glued to the computer while holidays.



How to get around Gmail authentication problem – Error 800cccd1

Posted by Madbot on May 16, 2011 in Techno

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Changed my gmail password and between the multiple devices, some didn’t have the password change in time and the gmail account seems locked out. Instead of retrieving emails, it kept returning saying the server was not accepting the credentials and returning error:800cccd1.

Tried changing gmail account password, disabling/enabling imap, etc, nothing worked.

It turns out that after some specific type of failures, Google “locks” your account. To unlock yourself, try login to Google with the Captcha check to confirm you’re human and you know what you’re doing. It worked for me.

Here is the link to Google Captcha check.

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Fail! Asus Eee pad Transformer tablet cannot connect to adhoc network

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(Update 2011/8/30) Reader Tom reported EEE pad transformer can now see ad-hoc network. This has been confirmed on my transformer running the firmware as at 2011/8/30.

In Taipei for the weekend and picked up an Eee pad transformer. It was the only shop that had stock (along with the slightly jacked up price) but no keyboard. Nevertheless, figured I would give it a go and make it my first Android experience.

Got back to the hotel, setup a adhoc network on the laptop to have a chat with the missus on the iPhone over Viber, then pulled out the Eee pad transformer to give it a spin.

Oh what? Androids cannot see adhoc wifi network. WTF Google? And it’s been like this for the past 2 years?!

Dead as a dodo. Now I am sad.

Update 2011-04-25: What!? Android also does not handle NTLM? As luck would have it, Firefox 4 on Android has caught up and does support NTLM while native Android browser does not. The eeepad transformer hardware is worthy and clever – but the software is not yet up to scratch beyond the home user level.

Update 2011-04-26: fully appreciate why Apple didn’t go with wide screen with iPad. The Eeepad IS long.

Update 2011-04-27: Google map is fun, definitely better on the Android. YouTube, on the other hand, is choppy compared to the iPad. That was a surprise.

Overall, the Eeepad feels “cheaper” than the iPad – and it is but I still have high hopes for the keyboard when it becomes available.. It is also definitely easier to hold without a case than the ipad.

Despite the Android shortcomings, I still love the Eeepad. But I find myself going back to the iPad to do what I need to do.


Video – Having some fun with Kyosho DBX VE

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Having some fun playing with the new RC car. The park had just a few too many people to drive around without causing a scene.. so off I went to a local car park.


iPhone App Review – ooTunes Radio

Posted by Madbot on Nov 9, 2010 in Techno

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Radio streams with extra content type.

iTunes link.

Disclaimer: No affiliation with the developer. This app was purchased at own expense.

Motivation: Having bought Radio Alarm by Ensight Media (see review here), I was disappointed at being unable to listen some of the Australian radios I wanted to listen to. These stations use aac and aacp as audio stream format. After more researching, ooTunes claims to support these Australian radio stations so I gave it a go.

The user interface of ooTunes is not as pretty nor as clean as some of the other radio apps around. However, ooTunes greatly made it up by functionality. As advertised, I had absolutely no problems listening to the radio staions I wanted.
Read more…

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iPhone App Review – Radio Alarm by Ensight Media

Posted by Madbot on Oct 29, 2010 in Techno

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iTunes link.

Disclaimer: No affiliation with Ensight Media. this app was purchased in October at my own expense.

Motivation: Radio Alarm is a good looking little app. I came across it while I was desperate to find an app that can listen to steamed Internet radio stations and also double as wake up alarm. Radio Alarm was a good looking app and at around US$2, I decided to give it a go.

User experience: The app looks good. From the images shown here, it’s obvious Radio Alarm went with the art style of the old radio alarm and it worked well. The app simply looks good. The user interface is clean and easy to use. I have used this on both my iPhone 4 and iPad.
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Marketing with iPhone apps

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To promote an upcoming anime movie (is it out already? This post is so late) the promoter released 12 apps that include calculator, notebook(?), and manga. Best of all, the 12 apps resemble doraimon, the robot cat from the future that is the key character in the manga.

Love it.



Add battery % meter display to your iphone

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Had to do this again to load up OS 3.0.1 today. Instructions kept here for the ‘next’ time.

No idea why this was missed in all models except iOhone 3GS, but glad at least we can put it back.

Warning: while the below is not difficult, you need to be very careful and follow the instructions exactly as you are going into the file system of the iPhone. If you accidentally do something bad like deleting a folder, the result can be disastrous. You’ve been warned. 🙂

Originally found the info here:

  • SSH into your iphone (alternatively use iPhoneBrowser – my preference)
  • Go/Browse to /System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app/
  • Download the file M68AP.plist
  • Open the file using a text editor or a plist editor (my preference is list free plist editor from iPodRobot)
  • Look for this section:


    In the lines below at this section, you should see many “key” entries. Add these two lines:


    (remove the space after the word “true”)

  • Save and upload the file to the same directory that it was originally in.
  • Go onto the iPhone and restart. You should see the battery % meter display on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Go to the application Settings -> General -> Usage and there will be a Battery Percentage toggle and you can use it to enable or disable battery percentage next to battery icon in top-right corner.
  • That’s what it looks like on the 3GS and now you have it!


    Google voice – /sigh

    Posted by Madbot on Jul 25, 2009 in Techno

    Madbot says:

    Made efforts to get myself a Google Voice invite and finally got the invite – only to learn that it’s good for within US (at least for now) regardless of whether one is happy to buy call credits. Oh the let down, the disappointment.

    Invites wasted :-p

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