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Protected: Family troubles

Posted by Madbot on May 6, 2005 in Human Observation

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I’ve gone vegetarian

Posted by Madbot on Apr 20, 2005 in Human Observation, Madbot Madness

For (the Chinese version anyway) Buddhism, there’s a thing about changing eating style to vegetarian so you’re not taking any lives in order to sustain your own life.

The purpose of this is to do “good” since you’re not killing. When my mother past away some 8 years ago now, we ate vegetarian for 49 days. I’m now making a promise to eat vegetarian for as long as my grandfather is alive and hoping any “good” coming from this will go to him.

Sure, no one knows whether this is really good or bad, effective or not. But let’s just say that I’ve made a wish and this is my payment.

I’m a real meat eater so this is quite a change to my normal diet. So from now on I will only eat vegetables and eggs (bit of an argument there whether egg is alive or not but in this case we’ll just say it’s okay). However, I may eat meat next month when I go back to Oz for a week..

But other than that, it’s vegetarian all the way baby.


The will to live

Posted by Madbot on Apr 20, 2005 in Human Observation

Grandpa’s not doing well. The hospital had put breathing tube down his throat to help him breath but because it’s painful (to have a tube down your throat and breathing pathway) he managed to pull out the tube 3 times – and each time more painful to put back.

Aunty Susan tells me the weather in Taipei this year had been very strange. It even snowed a few times at a few places – I’ve never ever heard of Taipei snowing. Because of the sharp temperature change, many old people got sick and eventually passed away. Grandpa caught a cold which then infected his lungs to the extent that 85% of his lungs are now no good.
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Plastic surgery freak

Posted by Madbot on Apr 7, 2005 in Human Observation, Madbot Madness

Reported by aussie reporter Jack Clench last week but only got around to post it now:

Its a plastic surgery freak who thinks she looks good

Frankly, I had a bad dream later that night..


A friend in need – a friend indeed?

Posted by Madbot on Mar 29, 2005 in Human Observation

For many years I have been fortunate enough to have met a bunch of very good people who I’m proud to call friends.

And often I hear the story from others on how their “friends” have betrayed them or simply disappeared in their hour of need. I’d then give them a lecture on how they didn’t choose their friends carefully and therefore are suffering the consequences.

Today, I learned my own lesson.

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Cooking Bento

Posted by Madbot on Mar 1, 2005 in Human Observation, Japan

Bento girl made a conscious decision to try to leave work early (like before 11pm).

She did very well last night and left the office at 9:30pm (ish) and had to tell the work mates that she’s unable to help because she had to go.

And so she did. She decided to cook dinner instead of bringing bentos home – after all, home cooking is healthier..!

So bento girl clapped her hands 3 times in the kitchen, and viola! this appeared. 😀


Office environment

Posted by Madbot on Feb 3, 2005 in Human Observation, Japan

Bento girl’s been working like a slave since the beginning of this year – by her work, not me.

The poor girl has been 9:30am ~ 11pm almost every work day now and it’s also reported that some other work mates are working weekends. The stress was getting to her quite a bit and we went to a massage place last weekend to help lose some of the tension – well, she did anyway.. I sat in a coffee shop next door, that was relaxing enough for me.

I took this pic thinking that I’d write something about the massage place but now the pressure’s really building up with Bento girl and the job. She’s been working as a contractor at this place over the past 8 months with high hopes to become a full time employee. She discovered last Friday that the company follows a pattern of hiring guys as full employees and girls only as temps or contractors. Oh, of course there are some female full time employees but they’ve either been there for over 3 years or are widely known as single with no boyfriends or kids so they can work whenever work asks. Either way, it doesn’t look like Bento girl will become a full time employee at this place anytime soon.

And her supervisor advised several contractors that the reason why they don’t get to become full time employees is because they sometimes get to the office 5 to 10 minutes late in the morning. Oh, wait, but he also said that if you had to work until 3am in the morning, then it may be okay if you are then late to the office the next morning. This smells like bull and poo to me.

I hate to say it, but this sort of stuff sounds like common practice here in the Japanese companies here. Gaijin, or foreigner, companies aren’t as bad.

Anyway, Bento girl’s now mega stressed out coz her working hours’ also starting to impact me.. I’d been trying to wait for her to have dinner when she gets home but this year it’s been around 11pm and that’s not agreeing with the bodies too much. Then after all the stuff around, the bed time turns into 3am only to wake up at 7:30am again.. It’s getting all a bit too much.

Not to mention I’ve also given up on waiting for her to level up her character in order to play World of Warcraft with me. So the WoW account I got for her now sits unused and I’m fed up trying to dual-box games (too much like hard work).

So there were stories tears, frustrations, and outbursts all happening in the office, especially from the female of the species. Bento girl’s now decided that this company may not be the ideal company for her after all and it’s time to look for greener pastures – but how will she find the time to look for a new job? Could this be as a difficult question to answer as the chicken and the egg? We shall see…


Human observation

Posted by Madbot on Jan 20, 2005 in Human Observation

Been watching too much star trek lately (original series, for that matter)..

Humans are creatures of emotion and that gets in the way of many things..

I, of course, am above all that. 🙂

Quote from an episode named “Errand of Mercy ” and how true it (still) is..

Kirk: Well, there it is – war. We didn’t want it, but we’ve got it.
Spock: It is curious how often you humans manage to obtain that which you do not want.

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