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Posted by Madbot on Aug 7, 2011 in Funny videos, Madbot Madness

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Been working 7 days straight. Here’s the chosen comedy relief. Enjoy.


After shock – explosion at Sendai substation and blackout

Posted by Madbot on Apr 10, 2011 in 2011 Japan Earthquake Tsunami Nuclear Diary, Funny videos, Japan

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Happened a few days ago (Apr 7). The shaking went on for some 20 seconds or longer. Reminded us of the big one but thankfully not as violent, and not as long. Interesting footage captured by the NHK TV camera at Sendai showing flashes of light in the distance and then the city lights fade out from an apparent power outage.



Video – Having some fun with Kyosho DBX VE

Posted by Madbot on Dec 2, 2010 in Funny videos, Japan, Madbot Madness, Techno

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Having some fun playing with the new RC car. The park had just a few too many people to drive around without causing a scene.. so off I went to a local car park.


Cebu Pacific Girls – you win

Posted by Madbot on Oct 4, 2010 in Funny videos, Madbot Madness

Okay girls, you win. I want to fly Cebu Pacific and go wherever it is you’re going. It’s time for a another trip with the boys. Leave the wife at home..!


John Howard’s last speech as the Australian Prime Minister

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Cool Beer ads

Posted by Madbot on Oct 26, 2007 in Funny videos, Madbot Madness

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Great ads!

More inside the link
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Latest Fashion (warning: nudity)

Posted by Madbot on Sep 20, 2007 in Funny videos, Madbot Madness

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I never understood what girls and gay guys saw in fashion but hey, I think I like fashion now.

Pay attention to the last dress.


Some Chinese songs on YouTube

Posted by Madbot on Jul 14, 2007 in Funny videos, Madbot Madness

Madbot says:

Came across these on YouTube. Bit soppy for my taste but are entertaining nevertheless.

Almost forgot I can read Chinese..

First Time (第一次)


No idea what the title is.

Fairy Tale (??)


The great Italian race – Ferrari Formula one, Ferrari street car, Fiat

Posted by Madbot on Apr 18, 2006 in Funny videos

Madbot says:

Found this great little video where the three cars compete on a formula 1 race circuit.

The race is not taken so seriously but it gives you a good idea of the speed difference between the three types of cars.

The Fiat had a head start, followed by the Ferrari street car, and then the Ferrari Formula one.


The Ferrari street car had a few hairy moments..

The Formula one is driven (or piloted?) by Michael Schumacher.


Shark versus Octopus

Posted by Madbot on Jan 24, 2006 in Funny videos

This is like a clip from a horror movie.

Shark versus Octopus – who is on the top of the food chain..? See for yourself.

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