The Christmas light show

Posted by Madbot on Dec 7, 2005 in Funny videos

Christmas lights – 20 dollars from the hardware store,

Music CD – 30 dollars from HMV

House – half a million dollars from the rip off real estate agents.

A christmas light show that looks awsome and annoys the hell out of your neighbours?

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A good reason to NOT photocopy your arse

Posted by Madbot on Oct 24, 2005 in Funny videos

Madbot says

Perhaps it should be classified under Workplace observation. :-p

Here is a very good reason to NOT photocopy your arse at the office.

It’s an exercise best left to ladies at the office parties.

Includes sound. Office safe.
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Karate kick – hold that pen in your mouth while I..

Posted by Madbot on Oct 21, 2005 in Funny videos

Madbot says,

In this demonstration video, observe the amazing act of what happens when a girl kicks a pen held by a guy’s mouth.

There’s a reason why this video clip is named “Never trust a woman”..
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Trojan Games – Girl lifting

Posted by Madbot on Oct 19, 2005 in Funny videos

Madbot says

Never saw this one coming…

The trojan game of power lifting. Wonder why they didn’t show this on TV.

Warning – limited nudity and somewhat suggestive scene.
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Nude World of Warcraft

Posted by Madbot on Sep 11, 2005 in Funny videos

Madbot says:

While sorting through the files to, I came across this little gem a friend sent through to me a few months ago.

Some guy has obviously edited the model files used in World of Warcraft (viewed from client side only) and made this video.

The video gets a bit long but is nevertheless entertaining for the creativity some people put in. 😉

Luckily, no one has compared this to the Hot Coffee mod for Grand Theft Auto from Rockstar.

Here’s the video link:
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Starwars – Darth Vader chatting up Japanese girls

Posted by Madbot on Jul 12, 2005 in Funny videos

Madbot says,

The latest (and hopefully last) release of the Starwars movies series has created a big marketing buzz.

It’s always fun to see the Lucas marketing engine in action. Most people think Coca Cola is the most successful marketing brand out there, but Starwars can’t be far behind. How many people can really avoid the newest marketing onslaught from Starwars Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith?

Bento girl and I were signing up on a deal to upgrade my ADSL connection to fiber and also to get the phone / pay-tv package deal on Saturday. Saw this ad when I first got to the subway station and thought it was great – then later I realised it’s everywhere (!)

Vader chatting up young Japanese girls

Cute picture which I just had to capture with my cellphone.

A quick browse around the web finds even more advertising campaigns tied to Starwars. All the co-branding seem to work pretty well. Another one of the funnies is this ad when Darth Vader does a pitch to Orange.

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World of Warcraft – Cute Chinese girls in Coke ad

Posted by Madbot on Jul 8, 2005 in Funny videos

Blizz is doing a big launch of World of Warcraft (WoW) and looks like they signed up Coke in the deal too.

And it’s a nice ad. Would certainly make me want to look at WoW if I wasn’t playing it already. Not sure I would buy the Coke.. but wait..! They have WoW themed Coke cans..!
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What’s that?

Posted by Madbot on Jun 14, 2005 in Funny videos

Is it a pop up window?

Is it a browser hijack?

No, it’s a ..
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Nonchucks – Don’t try this at home

Posted by Madbot on Jun 13, 2005 in Funny videos


Especially don’t do it in front of a camera, unless it’s someone else then you can release it on the Internet..
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Fancy car ad

Posted by Madbot on Jun 10, 2005 in Funny videos

One of the clever new-age car ads.

Car ad

Office safe and doesn’t need sound.

Fancy stuff.
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