Madbot’s Workplace Observation – 2 – The Shit Continuum

Posted by Madbot on May 27, 2005 in Workplace Observation

A few years ago, many a discussion were had at the local pub after a day’s work between friends. We complained about work, managers, consultants, office politiccs and other general morons we encounter in our everyday life at work. We made many theories and observations.

This Shit Continuum chart is put together by Philip Vago (a.k.a. Peter Hawkes), a well-known Aussie Wine seller, programmer, banker and fellow ex-Neopets investor.

(See the full image in the main body of this entry)

The shit continuum is somewhat (heh) different to the Space-Time continuum. Here, we try to explain the 4 roles found in your average everyday workplace and the relationships in between which form & reinforce the roles.
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Madbot’s Workplace Observation – 1 – Work Generation

Posted by Madbot on May 23, 2005 in Workplace Observation

Over the years I’ve made a few observations on life both inside and outside of work. Some I’ve written down, some I haven’t.

Let’s see if I can collect them here from now on. Perhaps after a while I can develop some theories of reaching corporate success by behaving in a certain manner. Then see if some experiments can be made.

Here’s an observation I’ve made a while back and today I was reminded of it again.

Office Observation 1: your position on the corporate ladder is directly related to the amount of work you generate for other people.
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