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Since I’ve had several fun projects ideas in the past that never took off, figured I’d put them here for storage of these ideas rather than letting them lose in lost emails. Here’s an email to Phil and Simon back in May 30, 2006 before life got busy and all got lost..

Initial document on Project Theressa – Project Theressa

Okay, here’s an idea. Give your feedback.

Background: Some 5 years ago Phil and I ran a little project/experiment
before on Theressa (not sure if you remember her, Simon. She came out
drinking with us at North Sydney once) on how to improve her
life/personality/skills, etc. Essentially we set a number of tasks and
deliverables and we offer to pay her if those deliverables were met, with

We tried to keep the cost to a minimum and hoped to make some small money if
there is opportunity. We publish all the stuff on a web site via Geocities
but lost all the content years later as the site was deleted due to

The project had several challenges because:

1. Project:
– Theressa is almost impossible to motivate to do things consistently or anything at all.

2. Housekeeping / Technology:
– It was not easy to constantly publish and updating content for free. There is now a lot more choices – free blog sites, myspace, Yahoo 360 groups, etc.
– There was very little concent of free online storage for multimedia or file storage. There is now a lot more choices – google videos, youtube, etc.

Phil and I were often distracted by dealing with the housekeeping &
technology and had no energy/patience when it came down to dealing with
Theressa. Anyway, the project did not achieve the desired outcome.

I believe the fundamental idea is still sound. The fundamental idea being:
– One person or more offers an amount of money,
– for someone,
– to do something.
– with proof of achievement
– and pay
– in order to “entertain” the reader/viewers.

I thought about expanding this idea more since the technology is more mature
now enabling us to do more. Furthermore, people are now more aware of what’s
going on with myspace, google video, youtube, etc.

Our entertainment product:
– Initiate your crazy and stupid ideas/dares/projects
– Voting and the bidding process on your crazy project/idea/dare of choice to raise its market exposure and the money promised
– Watch and laugh at the Video proof on project completion
– judging process.
– previous and upcoming projects.
– It’s a reality TV show except much faster.

We may/should edit the video to include heading, advertising, and credits to
include all sponsors and people who put in money.

The idea behind it is entertainment – so it may be silly/stupid and perhaps
mixing in dramatic/personal achievements later on.

The Operations plan:
– People lodge their ideas/dares/projects to the web site
– The ideas/dares/projects are moderated by us and reposted on the web site as officially available for viewers to vote and bid on
– Viewers can offer money via Paypal by transferring money into our paypal account. Minimum amount $1.00
– The web site (us) may also throw in some money if we get some sponsorship through advertising, etc.
– People who wish to do the ideas/dares/projects and take the money must lodge their application to the web site
– Web site records the applicants and the applicants are put in a queue (first come first server). The first applicant is given a deadline (say 3-7 days) to perform the idea/dare/project unless the project specifies it to be longer.
– Applicant must provide proof upon completion in video and audio format and this is sent to us (will store on google video or youtube). The evidence is posted on the web site for all viewers and judges to review. The review period will be 3 days
– At the end of 3 days the judges will make the decision to pay (or not). The judges’ decision is final. Maybe Judges decision 50% and viewers decision 50%?
– If the proof is deemed fake or insufficient, or the applicant has not provided proof by the 3-7 days period offered, the first applicant is disqualified and the offer is transferred to the next applicant in queue

The finance model:
– We take 0% or 5% commission
– Sponsor money through advertising
– The big costs like providing bandwidth and hosting the video clips are free through google/youtube

The technology model:
– I can host a site on my service provider where we can put in opensource (free) php software like blogs and customise it as we see fit and are capable of. Can put in our own advertising through google, yahoo ads, etc like on my
– Potential security threat as we may get hacked if our software has loopholes.
– Alternatively, we can do it on myspace or blog sites where we wont be able to customise much but it’s also free. Not sure if it’s possible for us to set up our own advertising here or customization.
– Little security threat assuming the host keeps up with their security updates.
– Need to KEEP IT SIMPLE to minimise costs

Marketing plan:
– Viral style. Do it via myspace, yahoo 360, msn, emails etc etc
– There are enough kids/bored people on the internet that an interesting video clip should grab their interest easily once known
– Interesting ideas/dares/projects

Site Name:
– My initial thought is to call it “” since we have a Simon here and it gives room to create future hoaxes when we didn’t specify “Simon says”. But the name is taken. However, “” is available and it’s catchy enough.

Your Thoughts?


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