God as a sense, a feeling

Posted by Madbot on Feb 25, 2009 in Human Observation, Madbot Madness, Side Notes |

Madbot says:

Let’s try a rare religious related post today.

The concept of god as an all controlling being is difficult to swallow. If god is all powerful, why is there suffering in the world? Suffering is one constant that humans have not lived without since history and stories were recorded.

It just dawned on me a different concept of god. Not as a “being” as we normally think, but as a feeling, of a “sense”. It’s similar to emotions, to love, and hate.

It has been said that there are many similarities between love and god. Both cannot be measured, cannot be captured and are very much “concepts” instead of something that we can scientifically prove that exist. However, most, if not all, people believe in love. This is not just the love between lovers, but also love between parents and child, siblings, friendship, mateshop and so on. If you can believe that (concept of) love exists, you can believe that god exists.

Now imagine god as a sense that is similar to love but perhaps more similar to “goodwill”. The urge to want to help others, the feeling to do the right thing. Maybe it emcompasses “love” and includes “good” – that “good” energy, maybe that is god.

In that sense, the concept of “god” being all powerful starts to make sense. God created the universe or the world in 7 days – how was that possible? Easy. Imagine there was a being who was powerful to create the world existed. One “day”, this being felt this sense of “goodwill” and felt the urge to do something amazing and created the universe as per the bible. Without this sensation of goodwill, this being may never have created the universe. In that case, it was this “goodwill” that “moved” this being to create the universe – meaning that it was god that actually created it. The “being” was an instrument utilized in the process.

Similarly, many times miracles were made by people who felt a sense of goodwill and decided to help. Maybe that feeling of goodwill was actually god. Thank god for miracles.

Now, imagine that our feelings are love, hate, goodwill and so on are actually different living “beings” that behave in a way we don’t yet understand and cannot see but can give us the sensations we call feelings or emotions. Similar to virus that can make us sick or healthy even though we cannot see them with our own eyes. These beings may be live with us like bacteria or only live in our subconscious. And they affect us without us completely being aware of it’s influences. You may get sick and feel weak but you still push youself to go to work. You may feel the urge to love, to hate and you may give in to the urge or you may fight it.

Religions are then ways to foster these feelings. People go to church and temples to worship. At these places they feel emotions. These may be for loving, for a sense of belonging, for safety, or for calm. All are related to our emotions. Maybe god is all these emotions or maybe god is just the positive ones with the devil being the negative ones. Maybe this “being” does have special powers or can extend our own capabilities through providing us with emotion boost. And that actually does explain many things.. For me anyway.

At the end god judges us. At the end we are our own judges. Our emotions judge us and determine us to be happy or not. If you are happy then this, right now, is your heaven. If you are miserable, then perhaps this is your hell.

Is god all powerful? Yes, our emotions are extremely powerful. Can god give us world peace and heaven on earth? Yes if we all help each other. But while our emotions can influence us, in the end it is us who have to do the work. And by that god gave he the choice and so far we as a group are still fighting with the selfish and jealous devils within us.

So maybe that’s it. That’s God.


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