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Radio streams with extra content type.

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Disclaimer: No affiliation with the developer. This app was purchased at own expense.

Motivation: Having bought Radio Alarm by Ensight Media (see review here), I was disappointed at being unable to listen some of the Australian radios I wanted to listen to. These stations use aac and aacp as audio stream format. After more researching, ooTunes claims to support these Australian radio stations so I gave it a go.

The user interface of ooTunes is not as pretty nor as clean as some of the other radio apps around. However, ooTunes greatly made it up by functionality. As advertised, I had absolutely no problems listening to the radio staions I wanted.

User experience: if ooTunes was the first iphone radio app I bought, I probably wouldn’t feel so bad about its user interface. But as it turned out, I started with the much prettier Radio Alarm. The user interface of ooTunes is very basic. The menus look like simple lists that resemble basic web apps, and the radio alarm GUI could use a re-design. I dare guess the developer is very much a programmer and much less of a designer.

However, it more than made up in sheer functionality. Every single radio station I wanted to listen worked flawlessly.

Stations with extra content.

Features include:

– listen to all sorts of shoudcast streams. It includes a massive list of radio stations.
– find radio streams from the shoutcast directory and flag as favorite for quick listening later
– able to manually add radio stations not listed in the shoutcast directory via station’s streaming web page
– sleep (ie. Radio auto turn off after a preset time)
– alarm. But only one alarm can be configured. No multiple alarms.
– scheduled recording from stream to audio for listening later of your favorite radio program

Normal radio st.

ooTunes also offers a server side program for around US$20 that is installed on your always-on computer working as a server. This server can then convert various audio format and sources and stream to the iPhone app. Given the price tag, I didn’t give this a try. The iPhone does ask on startup if you want to login to your ooTunes server or if you simply want the radio only mode. I had mine set to radio only mode.

Oh, there are plenty of settings available.

Clock radio

Summary: This is a good app although a touch pricey at US$6. The user interface is relatively messy but it works with more radio stations than others i have came across. If you have specific stations that do not stream in mp3, chances are ooTunes will work while other apps may not.


Overall, due to content availability and accessibility, 4 stars.

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