Mar 18 – I visit Osaka for all the wrong reasons

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Catch up blog 16:

This is my second visit to Osaka. Last time I was here was because of a plane crash. When we were coming back from Sydney, while waiting for the plane to take off (literally sitting on the runway), the pilot told us there had just been a plane crash at Narita. After an hour of waiting, we were told the plane will be diverted to Osaka where we will then make our way back to Tokyo. That was the first visit.

Now, the second visit – triggered by the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear problems.

We got away last night and I was treated to a Shinkansen bento (lunch box) on the train. It was the absolute best Japanese bento I had ever eaten in my life. Reading the box description, it contained some 40+ items each with its own flavor. Hell yes, it was nice. I never liked eating plum with my rice – but here, I actually found it made a curiously interesting combination with the other items. Each item is famous and popular at different parts of Japan. I wondered if some were from the tsunami affected areas and may not be available for a long time after this.

It was late when we finally arrived at Osaka. Made our way to the Ritz Carlton and thanked our lucky stars for being in a place like this after all the stress all week. After a few phone calls and emails to let everyone know our whereabouts and that we are fine, enjoyed the complimentary juice (no champaign), we headed down to the bar.

It was a smoky place. Normally I would’ve hated it but for this evening it felt comforting. I was dying for a smoke myself but held the urge. There was a gentleman providing entertainment playing piano and singing. A few sentimental tunes for the mood as we picked at the cheese platter, downed a few glasses of an aussie red, and think back what had transpired in the past 7 days. We then headed back to the room and fell asleep.

It wasn’t until the morning we had a full appreciation of the “suite” we found ourselves in. This was no “room”. This was a suite on the top (37th) floor completely with separate living room, bed room, bathroom with separate bath tub and shower, and a wardrobe the size of my office.

This is a corner suite – the bedroom had a glass corner with view looking out to 2 sides of the building. This is a VERY comfortable space. Lied there with my glass of juice looking out the night view.

The Osaka view is not as stunning say Sydney, which I’d describe as the most beautiful city in the world. This does not mean I am any less appreciative of the view here.

Sadly, we only had the room for one night at Osaka. I was convinced that we should stay here for a few more nights to relax ourselves a bit and, since we had gone through the efforts to get here, to treat this as a small holiday. When we double checked with the desk, all rooms were booked all weekend. No amount of money (that I can afford anyway) or charm could get us a room. So off we go to our second hotel.

Maybe next time we should come back to Osaka for a real, and planned, holiday.


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