Mar 20 – Settling in

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Catch up blog 17,

They weren’t joking when we were told that all the hotels in Osaka are booked. After the gorgeous experience at the Ritz, we moved to the hotel across the road – for one day. After that, wifey rang around and I clicked and clicked on the web sites looking for accommodation for the next few evenings. Luckily, we found accommodation for 2 nights at another hotel close-by. But since they’re also very booked out, we will have to move from 1 room to the other.

Once the accommodation had been settled, we took some time out to walk around the city. Osaka is known for its good food and we were keen to experience some of that. First lunch – a mega-cute styled cafe. This place opens at 11:30am and we got there 5 minutes before opening time to meet a queue of girls waiting outside.

Oh yes, this is a cafe loved by girls for its cutey theme. Here’s “dessert” donut.

It wasn’t bad.

For dinner, we ventured out further. Apparently the streets near the station are also where the hostess bars are. Where there are hostess bars, there are usually plenty of decent eating places for the “clients” to take the girls to for dinner before starting a wild night on the town.

We ended up at a what I called “deep-fried” place. Basically everything is deep fried. We’ve been to similar places in Tokyo and while interesting for the first couple of times, it’s not something I’d go back unless I plan for an evening with sake. So I didn’t expect a lot – and was pleasantly surprised. There was creativity in the food, cooked and presented in styles I had not seen or imagined before. Wished I had taken some photos as memory.

However, I did see this cute sign as we walked around the Osaka streets. Japanese love seafood, so lots of seafood places.


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