Mar 21 – On the move

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Catch up blog 18,

We continue to watch development of the nuclear situation on the news, and change hotels.

Osaka sunset.

5th day in Osaka and we’ve stayed at 4 different rooms in 3 hotels so far. In all hotels, except the Ritz, there have been posters saying that the hotel Internet connection are affected by the recent disasters. Not in the sense that any undersea cable were disconnected, but that all hotels are so packed with travelers (mainly from Tokyo) that their infrastructure cannot handle the volume.

Sure enough, the Internet connection has been patchy. My laptop got setup and turned into the wifi access point. Plugged into the hotel LAN port and shares its Internet connection with wifey’s laptop, my iPhone and iPad. Wifey doesn’t care for wifi connection on her iPhone.

Latest development? Australian embassy flagged Tokyo as “Do not travel”. The department of Foreign affairs also rang my sister in Sydney asking if she has heard from us and what our plans are in terms of leaving Tokyo. For a while my sister was confused and thought they were “A current affairs” department. Funny, yes but not too far fetched. Apparently the A Current Affairs “journalist” was at Narita airport shadowing the lines of foreigners waiting for a flight out of Tokyo for some exciting stories of fear and sensation from the nuclear situation.

Adding on top, a mail from the department of foreign affairs also sent me an email directly:

> From:
> Date: March 20, 2011 6:20:14 PM GMT+09:00
> Subject: Updated Travel Advice: JAPAN [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
> Reply-To:
> The travel advice for Japan has been reviewed and reissued.
> It contains new information under Health Issues (advice on sheltering and
> decontamination provided by the Department of Health and Ageing and advice
> on food and water safety provided by Food Standards Australia New Zealand).
> It also contains latest advice from the Australian Radiation Protection and
> Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) on new International Atomic Energy Agency’s
> International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES) rating and
> changed weather conditions. A link to the ARPANSA website is also contained
> in the lastest advice.
> The level of the advice for northern Honshu (including Tokyo and
> surrounding districts) remains at Do not travelh. The overall level of the
> advice for Japan remains at Exercise a high degree of caution.
> Please refer to the website for the most up-to-date issue of the travel
> advice.
> DFAT Crisis Centre
> Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

After hearing all the news, plus more family members contact to threaten worse, we opted to stay in Osaka for the week. Wifey believes she can continue to “work” from remote while I explained to the bosses and the team the situation.

Luckily, wifey was able to find a business hotel down the road where we can stay until Saturday.


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