Mar 22 – Osaka Castle

Posted by Madbot on Mar 22, 2011 in 2011 Japan Earthquake Tsunami Nuclear Diary, Japan |

Catch up blog 19,

Finally, first day where we don’t have to unpack and pack. First 24 hours where we don’t have to rush out and plant ourselves at the next hotel. After finishing the work meeting Skype call in the morning and catch up on emails, we headed out to Osaka castle in the afternoon to see what’s out there in this large Japanese city called Osaka.

It’s a good looking castle – although the inside has been ‘modernized’ into a museum of sorts. Learned lots about the history of the castle and the different generations of characters involved in building the castle. Definitely worth the visit if you’re at Osaka.

Started to rain in the afternoon. Apparently it was also raining in the afternoon – bringing extra fear of radiation rain.

Headed back to the hotel room to catch up on emails. Wifey seems to have a never-ending strings of emails that she must reply and handle. I settled down to watch South Park – the whole season 14. Went to a wine restaurant a few blocks away from the hotel and polished off a bottle of wine. Hmmm… seems I’ve been drinking a bottle every night.


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