Mar 23 – Global Hawk

Posted by Madbot on Mar 23, 2011 in 2011 Japan Earthquake Tsunami Nuclear Diary, Japan |

Catch up blog 20,

Have been wondering with the fellas at work on why Fukushima is not already surrounded by drones, robots and satellites to check the situation out and not leave us in the dark. Apparently some have been visiting..!!

There are debates on when the global hawk arrived. Some said the long reach drone was flying as early as Mar 12, the day after the quake that put the nuclear reactors in trouble. Some say as late as Mar 16 or later. Who knows? Who cares? Please just solve the situation and let everyone get on with the rescue and recovery.

There are reports today that radiation was found in Tokyo water and the level is too high and is considered dangerous for babies. FFS, what will it take to get the situation under control..? Constantly scanning all news sources for any signs of good news – sure is scarce.


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