Mar 26 – time for home

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Catch up blog 21,

After some 8 days in Osaka, it’s time to head home.

Wifey and I are both tired and getting very home sick. The nuclear situation has NOT gotten better and probably got worse. Travel warning from Australian embassy continues to be at “Do Not Travel” – unless for essential reasons.

I guess work and home can be considered essential. Have to be at the office on Sunday, so have to go home. We may be very worried about what’s happening at Fukushima, but we miss our homes even more. Can’t bear to think what the people who lost their loved ones and home must feel right now.

Found a spanish restaurant in Osaka on Thursday night and was again pleasantly surprised. Polished off another bottle of wine. Apparently water is not getting quite scarce in Tokyo. Water vs Wine – guess I will drink them both.

Went back to the “deep-fried” restaurant on Friday evening to enjoy our last night in Osaka. Took note of the little fish the chef behind the bar took out from the tank at the entrance, places a stick through the fish, (step x), (step y), and places the deep fried fish on my plate.

Thank you little fish. I am very grateful.

Polished off another beer and 2 or 3 refills of sake.


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