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There’s a new word to describe those ‘foreigners’, also known as gaijins in Japanese, who left Tokyo during the recent crisis. A new article calls them flyjins. “Jin” means people, so flyjin = flying people.

Wall Street Journal

The same topic has been discussed constantly in the past days between me and wifey. Some ex-colleagues of hers are disgusted at these gaijins who left Japan and left their staff behind. Conveniently, many forget to look at that also some Japanese also left Tokyo for Osaka and other southern cities (apparently all hotels south of Tokyo are fully booked). Interestingly, the ones who complain the most have been singles whose focus on work have been extreme.

I offered the following counter scenario. When Christchurch in NZ had its major quake just 2 months ago and many Japanese students were trapped in the collapsed building and many parts of the city in ruins, have any Japanese workers left town? If some 200km out of Christchurch was 6 nuclear reactors that had been damaged by the quake and following tsunami, and is letting out radiation and steam, how many Japanese would continue to stay in Christchurch?

I find it hard that believe that none will leave. Some will always stay just as some will always leave. The foreigners are called foreigners because they are not “locals”. They don’t have the same emotional investment as the locals.

What happened was terrible. Wish we can all become more caring and less spiteful.


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