Mar 29 – Numb, and back at the local with my crownie

Posted by Madbot on Mar 29, 2011 in 2011 Japan Earthquake Tsunami Nuclear Diary, Japan |

Catch up blog 22,

  • Appreciating my home more than ever.
  • Aftershocks continue but not as bad as last week.
  • Back at the office.
  • Nuclear situation seems worse.
  • Radiation in Tokyo is lower than last week.
  • Water is now safe to drink. No water in any vending machines, and mineral water is rationed at supermarkets.
  • Some vegetables are confirmed to have too much radiation. Bound be more.
  • I feel more like a frog in a slowly boiling pot.
  • New dramas at Fukushima EVERYDAY.
  • Ignorance sets in with people, clients and generally everyone except those affected.
  • The word to describe the situation is: “NUMB“.
  • Back at the local. I have my crownie.


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