Madbot’s Workplace Observation – 4 – Bullshit baffles brains

Posted by Madbot on May 31, 2005 in Workplace Observation |

Bullshit baffles brains.

It’s that simple. This is one of the foundations of all workplace theories and it applies equally well to life.

How is this so?

It’s very similar to the “offence is the best defence” method. When you talk bullshit, it’s like you’ve thrown a baseball at someone – it is up to them to consider what you’ve said, ie. to catch the ball. It is up to them to understand or respond what you’ve said.

If your words are made up of some big meaningless words which take your audience time to understand, then you’ve achieved your goal. Most people, who do not want to appear foolish, will happily nod and agree with you just to be seen that they’ve understood to avoid embarassement.

A bit of practice of talking crap and train yourself to reinforce people’s agreement by your own body language (like holding eye contact and gently nodding) will grant you a even more positive response. Of course, the voice level and everything will all come into play. Basically – sound convincing.

Like so many other researches have found, actual words are a small part of communication. The body language, appearance, way of talking, etc all form a part of the overall communication process. The paced, non repetitive, confusing but yet convincing words are simply window dressing.

A quick search on google turns up a number of classical examples.

A classical story about an Oxford engineering student being invited to deliver an econimic lecture in Beijing (mistaken identity) –

Mr Richardson, 23, borrowed an A-level textbook entitled An Introduction to Global Financial Markets from a library and swotted up on its contents on the flight from London to China.
From it he prepared a two-hour presentation, believing he had to deliver the same lecture several times over to different groups of students over three days.

“Because I was speaking through an interpreter I had the time to glance at the pages and prepare myself for what I was going to say next. I ad libbed a bit and really got into the subject. I was learning as much as my audience.”

To add authenticity to his delivery, he used his laptop computer to make it appear that he was reading from his own material and made notes on a board to emphasise points he was making.

Read the full story here: –

To conduct your own experiment, there is this web site which has a bullshit generator to aid your quest in performing the perfect presentation or speech. Or better yet, projects. Note: these are more IT based stuff to go with the IT bubble/burst.

In summary? practice your speech pattern to sound convincing then talk random crap which sound convincing while holding eye contact and nod knowingly.

Then watch the response.

If that doesn’t work, send them the following link. Do not view this before or after meal. In fact, you may not want to view it at all. Be warned..

I blame it on google.

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May 31, 2005 at 2:24 pm

LOL…I have found that if you ever do a presentation, you should always use the white board and make diagrams and label key words.



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