Frappuccino – Taste of heaven on a hot summer day

Posted by Madbot on Jul 17, 2011 in Japan, Madbot Madness |


Madbot says:

Had to run around to do Visa renewal at immigration office and update the alien registration card at the ku office.

It was some 33 degrees Celsius outside and it was much more sweaty than the number implied.

Took the new bike on this run. Took an hour of “people watching” at the immigration office to get my new 3 year visa – the place was packed. Enjoyed a quick lunch at the favourite Taiwanese restaurant and a rest at a park on the usual bike trail. All the kids were at school, most salary men were at office or their lunch place. Just me and some oyaji at the park hanging out.


The water fountain was turned off I guess in an effort to save energy. The park was quiet and peaceful.

Then off to the ku office to update the alien registration card. 30 minutes ride later, I was drenched in sweat. The girl staff smiled friendly at me but I wisely kept my distance so she wouldn’t think all gaijins stink like the salary men on the train. Wouldn’t have mattered either way I guess.

Got outta the ku office in less than 15 minutes, grabbed a fresh bottle of water and back on the bike heading home.

Reached the Starbucks just before the big hill on the final stretch home. Looked at the tempting shades and gave in. Parked the bike and ordered myself a mocha frappuccino. Sat outside (in the shade) enjoying the breeze and sipping on the frappuccino. Life is good.




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