Farewell, little pig – Shuttle K45

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Madbot says:

A sad day.

Moved the little pig out of the server room “cabinet” a few weeks ago into the study to help its temperature during this hot Tokyo summer.

Discovered yesterday the Shuttle K45 (lovingly nick named The Little Pig) was powered off. Attempts to power it on were in vain. Power would kick in for a second to spin the fans and flash a few LEDs, then nothing – powered itself right off.

Today, changed the PSU but the same result. Unplugged the hard disk, ram, etc but all the same. Dug around the net to see the K45/K48 had been suffering a high death rate at around 18 months of age. Mine was around some over 2 years and looks like the MB gave in.

There is a lot of talk on the bulging or venting capacitors that cause K48 deaths, and one on the board does look somewhat like me after a good feed of curry.


So looks like the only thing left is to salvage the parts. Opted to replace it with a QNAP TS-419P+ instead of another PC. The mini mac will take over some of the home server duties.

Farewell little pig. You are a beautiful machine. Sad to see the manufacturer failed you.. You will be missed.


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