Thundercats (2011) – we have a winner

Posted by Madbot on Aug 7, 2011 in Japan, Madbot Madness |

Madbot says:

Filled with fear, I turned to watch the new Thundercats – No less than 10 minutes into it, I was pleasantly surprised. This is a winner. It was different but yet retained just the right amount of the original sauce to trigger something deep inside those of us who grew up watching the cats.

Amazed at my own enjoyment of the show, I soon found that the studio behind the new Thundercats is none other than the legendary Studio 4C. These are the peeps whose work produced Halo Legends (a must watch if you’re aware of some of the background story in Halo, an Xbox game. Even if you’re not, just watch it. It’s still good entertainment.):

and also Animatrix (animated stories based on the Matrix world):

I remember seeing a TV special a couple of years back introducing their office in Japan. Nothing special about the office – looked just like another other office in Tokyo – but I absolutely love their work and would dream of a chance to meet or work with them. Now knowing these guys are on the project, no wonder the new Thundercats is simply fantastic.

The old Thundercats was great and I still remember getting excited everytime just watching the intro. In fact, I stayed outside an electronics store on the way home from school just so I could watch an episode that I otherwise would’ve missed.

The style of Studio 4C is top notch and IMO pushed Thundercats up a level or 2 on the legendary scale. There had been so many disappointments with many of the re-make of old cartoons (like the many try-hard 3D variations of Voltron and the like). The fact they did this ‘properly’ almost brought a tear to my eyes. I love you guys.

Trailer of the new Thundercats:

Oh wait, did I mention that Cheetara also took on a slightly different look?

She was amazing before:

And now, she is simply amazing. Don’t tell the wife, but I think I am in love..

Thanks Studio 4C. Fantastic work.


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