Windows8 successfully running on OSX Lion (MBP) via Parallels!

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Madbot says:

Got Windows 8 Preview running on a Macbook Pro of all things. Could not imagine this happening just a few years ago. To top it up, this is one of the easiest Windows installs I have ever done. Heard a few others having trouble with installing it in VM but no trouble here.

Need: Parallels. I am running v7.0

A few easy steps:

1. Download Windows 8 Preview ISO from here. My download speed averaged 4mg/sec. Microsoft seems prepared for it at least from my node of the Internet.

2. Create a new virtual machine. Set it to load from disk image (point it to the ISO you just downloaded, duh). Press Next. Parallels will complain the installation wants more than the disk space available – it did for me.

3. Allocate resources for the virtual machine. I allocated 2 core, 4g RAM and 16gb for hard disk. This seems to be similar to the Samsung tablet Microsoft was issuing at Microsoft Build. Geez, I really want one of those to play with..

3. Press a series of “Next”s and set specify the 16gb disk partition you just created to install Windows 8 on and let it do its thing. See screenshots below. The questions are pretty standard that a normal user can easily navigate.

4. Head out for dinner.

5. When you come back, the screen has now changed to an unfamiliar GREEN. Answer some more questions on whether you like to share information with Microsoft and Windows update preferences.

6. Key question – would you like to logon using a local account (standard PC) or a Windows Live ID (aka like chromebook)? Windows Live ID is the default and has some sync features that Microsoft didn’t say much about. Local account is meant to be like the traditional approach.

7. Some more “Preparing your PC”.. and then viola! It’s done..! Now go play..!

First thoughts:
– Desktop as an app works, and I like it.
– General Metro GUI – Not bad, I can get used to it. After years with 2 iPhones and an iPad, this looks pleasantly refreshing. Very tempted to get a Windows Mango phone now and even more for a tablet/laptop. This is a solid, SOLID, competitor to iOS and Android. I would be tempted to run Win8 on a Macbook Air or the new ultraportables coming to the market.
– Weather – wow pretty!
– Disk space – Wow. 16gb partition has only 4.79gb free after the installation. Ouch!
– Could not shutdown smoothly. Froze on a black screen. Forced shutdown.

One final note: running Windows8 on Macbook Pro Lion with Parallels is a surprisingly pleasing experience. The 3 finger side swipe to move between OSX and Windows8 is delicious. Bravo to the 3 companies (Microsoft, Apple, and Parallels) involved.

So there you go. That’s the initial thoughts. Next step – let’s what I can do(work) with this little beauty.

Here are some screenshots taken along the way.

Answer standard install questions:

It was nice of Microsoft to include all the international keyboard types. Japanese included. Here you see the drop down box options inside the Parallels window running on OSX Lion.

Selecting disk partition.

Time to head out for dinner.

More questions – very Microsoft.

Windows Live ID vs Local account. Microsoft defaults you to Windows Live ID.

Preparing My PC…


I think.. I think I am experiencing culture shock going from the Microsoft blue to .. this green.


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