Google Handwrite – You win, Google. Can I join you now?

Posted by Madbot on Jul 27, 2012 in Madbot Madness |

Madbot says,

Played with Google Handwrite today. Not so convenient when searching in English… typing on keyboard is still faster.

BUT !! (and a big BUT this is) what a completely different story if you need to search in a different language like Japanese or Chinese. I am not fluent in using the Japanese and Chinese keyboard on smartphones and tablets.. however now I can just “write” it..!

All those times when you see a character that you want to search but didn’t know how to type it using the keyboard..? No worries, just draw it on your smartphone and you’re set.

But one thing – add it to Google Translate already.

What a game changer. Google, you win. Can I join you now..? Call me..!


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