Microsoft Surface Product Placement – Ghost in the shell (Arise) 2013

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Microsoft went all out this time to promote the new Microsoft Surface Pro. The series Ghost in the shell, an epic Japanese sci-fi anime that produced manga, TV episodes and movies, last week launched their latest instalment in the form of a pre-quel.

Rather than telling the story in TV-episodes, this time it’s movie-episodes. Each movie episode is approximately 60 minutes and there will be a number of movies. The first instalment launched last week (Jun 22) in Japan with the ticket price of 1,200 yen, or around US$12.


Microsoft released their first serious attempt into the PC hardware world with Surface (the tablet, not the table) last year with limited success. Surface RT didn’t receive a great reception although personally I am enjoying the Surface Pro. I had read on blogs that Microsoft Surface was a dominant product placement in the latest Ghost in the shell instalment but I had no idea how far they went with it. As we lined up to go into the theater, each one of us was handed this “newspaper”.

Microsoft Surface on one side:

Articles giving background information on the movie on the other side.

In the movie itself, the Surface was advertised on large buildings and even used by the main character as her personal computer. With the film set in 2027, it was weird to see the main character – who is a genius hacker herself – use “old” technology from 2012.. Imagine us running Windows 98 on a Pentium laptop in 2013. YouTube won’t even run..

There were other brand placements in the movie though none as significant as the Surface.

Anyway, the movie was enjoyable. If you’re interested. here is a review of the movie at Kotaku.

And the trailer:



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