Android 4.3 – I can’t believe it’s not butter

Posted by Madbot on Jul 27, 2013 in Madbot Madness, Techno |

Madbot says:

Not bad Google, not bad. The ‘original’ Nexus 7 of mine enjoyed initial dedicated love and attention for several months where I faithfully carried it to work everyday – in case I have a need for it. I enjoyed discovering more Android with it and doing things Steve would never let me do on the iPhone and iPad. It was a real performer compares to the other Android tablet – Asus transformer. I was charmed by project butter and became one of the converted.

However, as time wore on and patches after patches got loaded, the butter knife became blunted and the 7 lost performance fast. Over time, I discovered it needed a minimum 2gb of free space to function in a barely acceptable speed. Even then, some apps were still extremely frustrating and switching between apps infuriated me more. Even the simple act of bringing up a keyboard could take seconds. SECONDS! Using some iPad 1’s at the office made me ask myself why I ever left Steve’s world. Sure, I later discovered having 3gb of free space made it slightly more tolerable – but then why would have to put up with this?

The Nexus soon joined the Transformer in a pile of wasted technology.

But now Android 4.3 is out and installed, initial thoughts were happy ones. Apps are more smooth and while it’s not as iPad-like, it’s certainly made the overall experience more enjoyable.

I still question why it takes a second to bring up the keyboard – and I had given up on Swype and those cool keyboard apps to switch back to the default in the name of performance, yet the lag is still there.

But you know what? Using the (original) Nexus is enjoyable again. It has brought back the smile on my face. Well done, Google. Can we keep the butter going now? It really should stay as part of Android’s bread-and-butter. Keep up the quality!



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