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Posted by Madbot on May 25, 2014 in Madbot Madness |

Madbot says,

Started playing War Thunder mainly to play the British and Japanese planes (ie Spitfire and the Zeroes). The Spitfire I grew to love as my flying and battle tactics improve, but the zeroes remain a sensitive spot. They are agile and simply the best turn fighters in the game, but they are also very vulnerable. A few bullets easily snap a wing off or set the plane on fire, leading to a frustrating death. It is almost as if Gaijin (the Russian developer company who got their name from a Japanese word) had it in for Japan.

Many months later, I am deep in the tier 3 for UK and Japan trees and start to work on tier 4 planes. When frustrated by the progression, I switch to the other nations for a taste of something different and see how it is they so easily set me on fire..

Surprisingly, after much annoyance with the early German planes, the tier 2 BF190 and BF 109 are very enjoyable to my play style – after resisting the urge to turn with the enemy. The tier 1 was even fun after fully upgrading the FW 110C. This was like playing the over powered Russian planes but made you feel good because it took some constraint and technique. Very satisfying.


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