Internet in Vancouver Canada as a tourist

Posted by Madbot on Jul 6, 2014 in Madbot Madness |

Madbot says,

Things were not so easy this time in 2014.

2 years ago, tethering on Rogers prepaid was no issue. While price was not cheap, at least we were able to get internet access across our different devices. This time in 2014, things were not so straight forward.

After dealing with Rogers last time, I was happy to go with them again this time. $15 for SIM card and activation (ouch) plus prepaid plus $40 voucher in order to get the $30 data plan (gouge much?), finally got a SIM card for the Nexus 5.

However, there is no LTE. Apparently it’s not available on prepaid plans as they thought people will chew through their data plan too quickly. Geez, I got the 1GB data plan for 3 days stay, why are you worried I would blast through my plan? Seems they are just trying to slow me down.

But wait, there is more. There is no longer tethering. Went back to the shop to ask the staff as the Nexus, even with tethering on, was not passing on data. Oh, apparently Rogers does not allow tethering on prepaid. Geez, I paid for the data plan already, right? There is not even an option to pay and enable it. The staff give me a nudge nudge wink wink saying if I ‘mod’ my phone then maybe I can get around it.

What’s more, Rogers’ Internet data plan even on 3G is unstable. It would go along happily and then just drop the data. Connection is still up but no internet access. Real rubbish here.

Got fed up after a day and decided to root the Nexus and enable the tether. Rogers, you suck and give your customer no options to use what you charged them.

20 minutes rooting the phone later, Nexus is back up with tethering enabled. The data still drops out after a while but a quick flip to airplane mode and back resets it. Now I can tether away with one day and 900MB left on my data plan.

Rogers, you suck.



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