Dream differently

Posted by Madbot on May 24, 2019 in Madbot Madness |

Recent data shows large differences in the size of full-time workers in Japan between female and male.

Despite JPN government efforts, the portion of full-time female workers remain comparably low and grows slowly.

People say there are many different causes. Traditional expectations for females to stay home after getting married or giving birth is still common. Infrastructure support for career mums is still lacking.

Thought of the day: DREAM DIFFERENTLY

What is your dream?

Many of us dream of being rich, popular, attractive, and successful.

Some dreams get adjusted or shattered over time based on experience. Some people progressly move towards their dream.

Do females dream differently from males and receive less support on accomplishing it?

Despite the hurdles, if we encourage females to dream big and hold onto that dream, would it increase the chance of moving closer to achieving that dream?

I like to think yes.

First step: remember your dream, dream big, and dream differently.


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