Why the Lion natural scrolling feels ‘unnatural’ – for now

Posted by Madbot on Jul 22, 2011 in Madbot Madness, Techno


Madbot says:

I was apparently one of the 1 million people who downloaded and installed OSX Lion on launch day. This was, in fact, the only OS I installed on launch day other than OS/2 2.0 back in the day.

After the 10 minutes of download and the 30 odd minutes of installation, I was baffled by the natural scrolling of windows on the touchpad.

Don’t get me wrong – I get it. In fact, I previously pondered about why Apple didn’t reverse it to match the iPad and iPhones scroll direction. After using Lion for an hour running different apps including Parallel to make sure Win7 still works good – it finally clicked.

That’s the key, you see? I still use Windows. For work and private, I am still attached Windows. For work, we are a windows shop. Too many things we rely on at work are Windows only. For home? Yes, I use OSX for browsing and the odd music, but for emails and for serious stuff from home, I still run back to Windows via Parallels. Live Mail remains the only emailer that can access all my gmail and, most importantly, Hotmail. My password holder is in Windows (yes, there is a Mac version but I have to buy again). Office, visual studios, and even some games, are Windows only.

What’s the problem, you say. Lion runs Parallels just fine and bootcamp is still there. But ya see – Windows still scrolls the old fashion way. I have no problems scrolling on iPad and iPod where content is ‘touched’ directly. But in OSX and Windows, we touch the trackpad not the screen. We use mouse and its scroll wheel to scroll. I may get used to the natural way in OSX but it’s reversed as soon as I teleport back into Windows. Bam! Brain gets unwired. With more time spent in Windows than OSX, it just isn’t ‘natural’.

No doubt Lion paves the way for more touch devices for Apple. iPad running OSX in the future, MacBooks running touch screens and so on and it will all make sense then. But until I can move away from Windows, it’s back to the inverted scrolling for me.

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